November Gift Bag
November Gift Bag
November Gift Bag

November Gift Bag

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I love giving gifts. Not even just for the holidays, but all year round—especially for a random surprise. I love spending time thinking about someone I care for, and coming up with ideas of what I can buy or make to give back even a fraction of the happiness they bring to my life.

So in the spirit of gift giving, the pattern this month is a drawstring gift bag that will have your recipients in awe before they even see what’s inside. This two colour pattern was designed for knitters who are new to colourwork and/or knitters who love colourwork but hate carrying floats (like me).

I’m so pleased with how the pattern worked out, but what really makes this bag special is the yarn! These 50g sets were hand dyed in Quebec by Fibrelya, with a stunning combination of solid neutral and marbled colours. And the lovely 80/20 superwash merino/nylon base means that this bag can be easily washed to use safely for all your gift-giving needs.

To top it off, I commissioned the talented folks at Maker Bean, a local cafe with all kinds of neat tools, for these cute little gift tags to attach to your bag. Each tag was laser cut on birch plywood and engraved with a note to let your recipient know that you love them, but they still need to give (or gift!) the bag back to you.

We ordered a few extras this month, so grab yours before they are gone!