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April Tapestry

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Living in a large city like Toronto has made me realize how much of nature I took for granted while living in smaller towns. Now, when I'm feeling suffocated by all the noise and tall buildings, I like to walk around quiet residential neighborhoods and look at the trees lining the street. I love making up stories about how each trunk got it its unique shape, what the pattern of the branches says about its personality, and admiring all the amazing shades of green in the leaves.

Obviously, I haven't been able to enjoy this pastime for a while now, so I thought I'd try to bring the comfort I find in trees into my own home. The pattern this month is a wall tapestry, designed to capture some of the intricacies of nature and express them through knitting. Malabrigo was the perfect choice for this project, with fingering weight wool that spans the gradient of spring greenery. And to top it off, the tapestry hanger is made from branches of the birch tree in grandmother's yard, which was the first tree I ever fell in love with. A bad storm recently dealt it quite a bit of damage, so it brings me joy to share this love and put the branches to good use.