The LGBTQ Community

.CW: hate crime, violence against the LGBTQIA2S+ community, physical assault



I took this picture of my #ripplebralette WIP with the intention of talking about the importance of @cbcpodcasts The Village, which is the only non-whitewashed coverage I’ve encountered of the murderer who targeted men in Toronto’s queer community. 

That was before my partner and another queer man were assaulted by two armed men in broad daylight. It was targeted, and it was a hate crime, and it was directed at their queer identities. They were fortunate to escape with minor injuries, but anyone who has experienced trauma knows that the path to recovery is much longer. 

I’m posting this to let people know that I may be less engaged online for the next little while, as I spend time with my family to support each other through this incredibly difficult time—though it will have no impact on the subscription box schedule (thanks to my endlessly supportive mother for helping out). 

But I also want people to know that the #lgbtq community is more than just a hashtag or a month-long party in June. A huge number of people have reached out with love and kind words, but it’s unanimously been our queer friends, and even acquaintances, who have provided resources, empathy, sharing similar stories & coping strategies, dropping off food, and even helping out with housework so my partner and I can focus on his needs right now. For all my engagement with my community, I’ve never been on the receiving end of such selfless collective care and concern. I have never so fully understood the importance of identity-based community in the way that I do now. This is the silver lining that I want to focus on, share, and eventually pay forward. 

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