What comes in the Wonderland subscription box?

Each month, you will receive a curated box with at least 100g of fibre, in a range of colours, weights, and natural blends. You’ll also get a new Knit Me exclusive pattern, specifically designed for the yarn (and theme!) that month. Our patterns will give you the chance to make all kinds of different things over the course of your subscription, or you can use the yarn to make a dent in your Ravelry wish list. There will also be an extra goodie, like pins, stitch markers, project bags, and anything else that catches my fancy. Last but not least, the subscription boxes always come with the joy of receiving an exciting surprise in the mail!

We now offer a double the yarn option, which allows you to build your stash or knit up 2 of the projects. 

What is Just the Yarn?

Or are you a crocheter, weaver, rug hooker, and/or knitter who wants to get in on the fun without the frills? Sign up for just the yarn to receive, well, just the yarn! You’ll get the same skein(s) of hand-dyed fibre, flat packed and shipped without the pattern or the extra gift. The yarn comes vacuum-sealed and is sent Canada Post letter mail.

Cool, how is that different than the Adventure subscription box?

The adventure box caters towards budget-conscious crafters! The fibre will include both natural and synthetic blends (think acrylic, nylon, etc), which puts this yarn at a different tier than the Wonderland box, but always with the same attention to quality and softness. It will also include a curated list of both knit and crochet patterns available on Ravelry perfect for each yarn, as opposed to an exclusive knit pattern designed for the box. The yarn will be vacuum-sealed to ship letter mail. This process does not harm the yarn, and it will bounce back to its original shape once opened. 

What comes with the learn to knit kits?

The kits are specifically designed to be beginner-friendly, so they include absolutely everything you need to get started! Each kit contains a link to step-by-step instructions written out, including pictures, for every skill you’ll learn. In addition, you’ll get a print copy of the full pattern, all the required yarn in the colour(s) of your choice, the knitting needles required by the pattern, a WIP bag and some extra goodies that aren’t necessarily needed, but add to the fun.

What is the difference between learn to knit kits and knitting kits?

The learn-to-knit kits are designed for anyone who has never knit before, learning to knit or looking for a quick project. The knitting kits are geared towards confident beginners or intermediate knittings, and come with a high-value yarn, and exclusive pattern, as well as a link to a pdf with details and links. Unless noted, it does not come with needles. 

What's the difference between a ball, a skein, and a cake?

 This is actually a hotly-debated topic (see here for the knitty-gritty), so for the sake of simplicity, this is how I use the terms.

Ball: ready to use without any prep. Most commercially available yarn is in ball form. Whether it's a traditional ball, doughnut, or bullet, you pick it up at your favourite craft store, and start knitting as soon as you get home.

Skein: needs to be wound before you can use it. It's a giant flat loop that's most commonly found with hand-dyed and/or higher-end yarns. The loop is twisted and folded to make a long, skinny shape that resembles a braid. This is great for displaying, shipping, and storing yarn, it will create a horrifying disaster if you try to knit with it from the loop (as I learned from experience). Fortunately, winding it into a ball yourself is extremely easy to do (and some people even find it relaxing)! 

Cake: a skein that's been wound with a yarn winder. It's similar to a ball, but this put-up gets the name from its short, round, flat-top shape--not to mention that the yarn gets pulled from the centre, which kind of looks like a candle. This is the ideal option for folks who just want to knit without the hassle of winding it into a ball. If you select this option, I'll make your yarn into a cake for you, so you'll be ready to dig in as soon as you open your package.

Can I buy a previous month's box?

You sure can (if you’re quick enough)! Because I’m buying in bulk, there may be times when I have leftover stock. After a month has gone by, I will put up whatever I have left on the Previous Boxes page. They will be available until they sell out, and then they’ll be gone forever! However, it’s also worth noting that they will be listed at the regular price, rather than the discounted rate subscribers get. So the best way to ensure you never miss out is to subscribe.

Which options are suitable for beginners?

All of them, really! The learn-to-knit are specifically designed to get you knitting if you have little-to-no prior experience. They include all the materials and instructions you need for getting started. 

But if you’re drooling over all that fancy yarn in the subscription boxes, you don’t have to miss out! The boxes include patterns that shouldn’t be too challenging if you’re comfortable with the knit and purl stitches, and basic increases and decreases (which I also have tutorials for!). And of course, there are countless free beginner patterns online that will work with the yarn. Your skill level does not have to determine the quality of fibre you work with :) 

Can I purchase a subscription as a gift?

Absolutely! If you look here, you’ll find the 3 month gift option, quarterly, bi-annual and annual gift subscription. As a one-time transaction, you’ll pay for all boxes upfront. Your very lucky recipient will then receive one box which will be sent out on the regular subscription schedule. 

Of course, if you’re feeling especially generous, and would like to purchase an ongoing monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly subscription for someone else, all you have to do is fill out the shipping information with that of your recipient, and keep the billing information under your own name. 

But it’s also important to keep in mind that gifts don’t always need to be for another person! If you’d like to treat yourself, but aren’t ready to commit just yet, the 3 month option also works well as a trial. Try it out, see how much fun it is, then decide whether to renew as an ongoing subscription once the three months are up. 

The gift subscription are a one-time purchase, they do not auto-renew.

The Adventure Box is not available as a gift subscription at this time. 

What is the cutoff to order and when will my box ship?

All shipments of subscription boxes are sent out the last week of the month. If you’re interested in signing up for a subscription, the cutoff date for the next box is on the 10th of every month. So, for example, if you sign up on or before October 10th, you’ll receive a box at the end of October. If you sign up on October 11th or after, you’ll get your first box the end of November. 

You can make changes or cancel your subscription at any time, but it must be before or on the 10th to take effect that month.

However, the kits and the previous boxes can be ordered at any time, and will ship within 3-5 days

Why am I charged when I sign up, not when the box ships?

Unfortunately, that’s just a quirk with the Shopify system, and there’s no way around it. For your first box only, you will be charged for your first month as soon as you sign up even though you may not receive it for a few weeks, depending on the timing. For every box after that, you will be charged on the 16th of the month, as we are getting your box ready to send out.

How do I access my subscription if I want to make changes or cancel?

You can either access it from the 'manage my subscription' link that you receive with your confirmations, or you can create a customer account with a password.  To do this, click on the 'Customer Account Invite that you will receive after setting up your subscription, or you can click on the link under the login form. This will prompt you to enter your email address (same one you used to sign up) and an activation link and temporary Customer Portal link will be emailed to you. 

From the Manage My Subscription link, go to the 'upcoming subscription' tab to skip a month, or the cancel button is the bottom of the subscription tab.

How do you ship?

While I love the idea of receiving a giant box full of yarn that showers you with glitter and confetti when opened, that does come with logistical (and practical, I guess) difficulties. In order to be as economically- and environmentally-friendly as possible, all orders will be shipped out in compostable bags.This means that the package is much more likely to fit in your mailbox, so you don’t need to worry about finding your nearest post office to pick it up. 

The Just the Yarn and Adventure subscription box is vacuum-sealed flat, and will be sent letter mail. These shipment options do not provide a tracking number or insurance.

Do you charge shipping?

I don’t know about you, but I hate finding something I love online, looking around for the best price, then getting smacked with astronomical shipping charges that throw off all my plans for happiness. So in order to save you from that, the price you see on the website includes everything but the tax! 

What countries to do ship to?

We are now officially shipping anywhere within Canada and the US!

If you are in another country and would like to make a purchase, send me an email at info@knitme.ca and I can check logistics and get a shipping estimate.

I have a problem with my knitting! Help?

I’m working on a troubleshooting guide with answers to common issues, and am hoping to have that available soon. In the meantime though, email me at info@knitme.ca with any questions you have! I know the struggle of somehow ending up with weird holes, or more/less stitches than you started with, and am happy to help.

What if I have a question you didn’t answer here? 

Send me an email at info@knitme.ca if you have have any questions, comments, or requests for clarifications. I’d also love to hear any feedback or suggestions you may have. Knit Me is a passion project, and I want to make sure it’s as exciting for you as it is for me!