KM x Fergus Yarn Zig Zag Gloves
KM x Fergus Yarn Zig Zag Gloves

KM x Fergus Yarn Zig Zag Gloves

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With spring officially sprung, I asked our dyer this month, Fergus Yarn, to come up with a yarn that captures the spirit of the season. She came back with a gorgeous pair 50g mini skeins dyed to match all the lovely greens of spring.

So we used these to make a pair of lightweight fingerless gloves that are perfect for all the ups and downs of the weather these days, in a fun zig zag pattern evokes a green grassy field.

And to keep your project with you on the go, we’ve included a cute custom project bag so you can bring your knitting on all your adventures.

Box contains:

  • 100g Fergus Yarn 50g bundle
  • If I Can't Take My Yarn I'm Not Going WIP bag
  • Pattern card for Zig Zag Gloves
  • Link to pdf pattern

    ** note, the Just the Yarn option comes with the skein of yarn , without the pattern or extra, vacuum sealed and sent letter mail.