KM x Trailhead Its a Party Shawl
KM x Trailhead Its a Party Shawl

KM x Trailhead Its a Party Shawl

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The hot weather of August always has me turning to my stash of Trailhead Yarns, one of my very favourite Canadian dyers. Unfortunately, they’ve announce they’re closing their yarn dyeing business, so I could not miss out on the chance to partner with them one more time.

This cotton/linen blend is lace weight, giving an incredible 630 yards per skein. But don’t let the thin weight scare you, because the gorgeous thick/thin yarn creates a gorgeous texture.

To show off the beauty of this fibre, the pattern this month is a fun, easy-to-memorize shawl which will fly off the needles. And for a helpful reminder, I included a keychain tag for the “make one” increases.

Box contains:

  • 100g Trailhead Yarn Cotton/Linen
  • M1 Stitch keychain tag
  • Pattern card for Its a Party Shawl
  • Link to pdf pattern

** note, the Just the Yarn option comes with the skein of yarn , without the pattern or extra, vacuum sealed and sent letter mail.